Wildcat is a roller coaster currently operating at Lake Compounce. It stands on the spot of the former Green Dragon roller coaster and opened in 1927.

History Edit

In 1927, the Green Dragon was torn down from Lake Compounce. In its place, the Wildcat was built. It stood tall as the centerpiece of the park. It went nearly 58 seasons at the park before it was reconstructed with new wood. In 1998, the entire coaster was retracked. The retracking continued until 2004 when the final bunny hill was completed. In 2007, the ability to have two trains occured when new magnetic brakes were added; the second train was recolored purple. Prior to the 2014 season, the ride faced lift motor trouble. Luckily, the coaster was able to be repaired before the season began. Since 2012, they are retracking the coaster yet again.

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