Theme Park Wiki is a wiki which aims to cover every theme park, ride, and attraction in the world. You can edit it yourself and add any new information.

It's all free to look at, and it's growing bigger every day.

Help us out! Edit

Do you like Theme Park Wiki? Then give us a hand! You can:

  • Contribute your knowledge and experiences to help us get better.
  • Link to us from your website or message board.
  • Tell your friends about us.
  • Get some pictures with your camera of some of our rides so we can expand our image galleries.
  • Anything else that will help us out!

Our aims Edit

We want to make a collaborative community and knowledgebase about hundreds of thousands of rides and parks in the world, along with many user-made pictures and experiences.

We want to grow so big that we can expand to multiple languages so more people can help us out and contribute to our repository of thrills!

And remember... Edit

We can only grow with the help of you!

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