This is a list of all the Vekoma Suspended Looping Coasters featured on this wiki.

Europe Edit

Name Amusement Park Country Status Opened
El Condor Walibi World The Netherlands Operating 1994
Jaguar Isla Magica Spain Operating 1997
Traumatizer Pleasureland Southport United Kingdom Closed 1999
Limit Heide Park Northern Germany Operating 1999
Kumali Flamingo Land Theme Park United Kingdom Operating 2006
Infusion Pleasure Beach, Blackpool United Kingdom Operating 2007

North America Edit

Name Amusement Park Country Status Opened
T3 Kentucky Kingdom United States Closed 1995/2015
Kong Six Flags Discovery Kingdom United States Operating 1998
Mind Eraser Darien Lake United States Operating 1997
Hangman Opryland United States Closed 1995
Mind Eraser Six Flags America United States Operating 1995

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